About Us

Hostinec U Olinka can be translated to Ulrich’s Inn. It was founded in the village of Lhotka, near Prerov, in the east of the Czech Repulic in the late 20s. It has gone though many changes over the years, but for 60 years it was in the hands of Olinek (Ulrich) or his son Pavel. When Pavel passed away in 2010, Eva and Steve decided to carry on the tradition.

Due to its location in a village of a handful of people, away from the nearby town, and under the care of Olinek and his family, the pub was many different things to many different people. To get to Lhotka itself you had to walk for an hour, or take a bus that goes only a few times a day. When you were here you left your normal life there.

Two big reasons that people come is the atmosphere of being at home, and of course the beer.

From the beginning the owners have been the ones working the tap. This means that the service comes from the heart, like you’re just stopping by for a visit with friends.

The beer is said to be the best in the area. The cellar is built into the rock of the hill to keep the temperature constant year-round. We use pressure instead of CO2 to make sure the beer tastes as it should without all the bubbles. And we take our time, a lot of time, six and a half minutes to be exact. We pour Zubr 11 and it takes 4 draughts to make a proper beer.